Eldert family of North Hempstead, New York

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1810 CensusEdit

Nicholas Eldert (bet1765&1780-aft1810) first appears as a head of household in the 1810 census of North Hempstead. The household consists of Nicholas and his wife, as well as 4 sons under 10 and 2 daughters under 10. Nicholas' siblings Richard Eldert (c1775-aft1860) and Abigail Eldert (c1790-aft1850) have not yet been located. Perhaps they were living with their widowed mother somewhere in a household with a head bearing a surname other than Eldert (such as the household of a brother or sister of the mother).

1820 censusEdit

Page 115 (presumably North Hempstead)Edit

Page 129 (presumably North Hempstead)Edit

1830 CensusEdit

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