Four or more generations of descendants of Eleanor de Segrave (c1270-1314) if they are properly linked:
1. Eleanor de Segrave (c1270-1314)

2. Elena la Zouche
2. Maud la Zouche (c1290-1349)
3. Joane de Holland (c1305-1340)
3. Margery de Holland (c1308-)
3. Robert de Holland (c1312-1372)
3. Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent (1314-1360)
4. Edmund Holland (c1352-1353)
4. John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter (c1352-1400)
5. Constance Holland (1387-1437) (more)
5. John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter (1396-1447) (more)
5. Ann De Holand (Abt 1397-?) (more)
4. Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent (1354-1397)
5. Alianore Holland (c1373-1405) (more)
5. Thomas Holland (1374-1400) (more)
5. Joan Holland (c1380-1434) (more)
5. Edmund Holland, 4th Earl of Kent (1383-1408) (more)
5. Margaret Holland (1385-1439) (more)
5. Eleanor Holland (1386-aft1413) (more)
5. Bridget Holland (c1390-?) (more)
5. Elizabeth de Holand (1394-1423) (more)
4. Joan Holland (c1356-1384)
4. Maud Holland (c1359-1392)
5. Jeanne de Ligny (-1407) (more)
3. Otho Holand (c1316-1359)
3. John de Holand (c1318?)
3. Matilda de Holland (c1319-)
4. Alice de Swynnerton (c1330-1350)
4. John de Swynnerton (c1340-?)
4. Anne de Swynnerton (c1343-1402)
4. Robert de Swinnerton, 4th Lord Swinnerton (c1355-1395)
5. Maud Swinnerton (c1370-1415) (more)
5. Thomas de Swynnerton (c1375-) (more)
4. Roger de Swynnerton (c1347-1397)
4. William de Swynnerton (c1349-?)
3. Alan Holland (c1320-c1339)
3. Elizabeth de Holland (c1321-)
3. Margaret de Holland (c1322-1349)
3. Jane de Holland (c1326-)
3. Alianore de Holland (Abt 1327-Bef 1341)
3. Elizabeth de Holland (c1328-)
2. Elizabeth la Zouche

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