Elisabeth Piast of Poland was born 1152 to Mieszko III the Old of Poland (c1126-1202) and Elisabeth of Hungary (c1129-bef1155) and died April 1209 of unspecified causes. She married Sobeslav II of Bohemia (c1128-1180) circa 1173 JL . She married Konrad II. von Lausitz (c1159-1210) 1180 JL . Notable ancestors include Rurik (c832-879), Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899). Ancestors are from Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium.


Offspring of Elisabeth of Poland and Konrad II. von Lausitz (c1159-1210)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Konrad von Lausitz (c1185-c1210)
Mechthild von Lausitz (c1185-1255) 1185 1255 Albrecht II. von Brandenburg (c1150-1220)

Agnes von Lausitz (c1185-1266)

Common ancestors of Elisabeth of Poland (1152-1209) and Sobeslav II of Bohemia (c1128-1180)

  1. Bretislaus I of Bohemia (c1003-1055)
  2. Béla I of Hungary (c1016-1063)
  3. Casimir I of Poland (1016-1058)
  4. Daughter of Bohemia (bef1061-bef1094)
  5. Emmon van Loon (?-1078)
  6. Gertrude of Poland (c1025-1108)
  7. Géza I of Hungary (1044-1077)
  8. Hidda von Lausitz (c1031-aft1061)
  9. Izyaslav I Yaroslavich of Kiev (1024-1078)
  10. Judith von Schweinfurt (?-1058)
  11. Maria Dobroniega of Kiev (bef1012-1087)
  12. Predslava of Kiev (c1085-aft1110)
  13. Richeza of Poland (1013-1075)
  14. Richeza von Lothringen (c994-1063)
  15. Sophie van Loon (c1050-bef1075)
  16. Spytihnev II of Bohemia (1031-1061)
  17. Svyatopolk II Izyaslavich of Kiev (1050-1113)
  18. Swanhilde van Holland (?-?)
  19. Unknown von Schwaben (-)
  20. Unknown von Schwaben (?-?)
  21. Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015)
  22. Vratislaus II of Bohemia (?-1092)
  23. Álmos of Hungary (c1070-1127)

Namesakes of Elisabeth of Poland (1152-1209)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Elisabeth of Poland (c1326-1361)Casimir III the Great of Poland (1310-1370)Aldona of Lithuania (c1309-1339)Bogislaw V. von Pommern-Wolgast (c1326-1374)
Elisabeth of Swidnica (c1315-1348)Bernard of Swidnica (c1291-1326)Kunigunde of Poland (c1298-1331)Bolko II of Opole (bef1300-1356)
Elisabeth of Poznań (c1262-1304)Bolesław the Pious of Poznań (c1225-1279)Ilona of Hungary (1244-aft1303)Henry V the Fat of Poland (c1248-1296)
Elisabeth of Bytom (c1348-1374)Bolesław of Bytom (1330-1355)Margareta of SternbergPrzemysław I Noszak of Cieszyn (c1334-1410)
Elisabeth of Poland (1305-1380)Władysław I the Elbow-high of Poland (1261-1333)Hedwig of Poznań (1266-1339)Charles I of Hungary (1288-1342)
Elisabeth of Poland (1152-1209)Mieszko III the Old of Poland (c1126-1202)Elisabeth of Hungary (c1129-bef1155)Sobeslav II of Bohemia (c1128-1180) + Konrad II. von Lausitz (c1159-1210)

Footnotes (including sources)

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