Eliza Cook(e) (1817 - 1907)

Early LifeEdit

Eliza Cooke was christened on 24 August 1817 in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Her parents were Richard (c.1787) and Elizabeth (c.1789) Cooke. Eliza had two sisters, Sarah (1815) and Harriott (1813) and three brothers, William (c.1809), Richard (c.1820) and Charles (c.1828).

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

On 18 December 1836 in Wellingborough, Eliza Cooke married Daniel Blunt (1818-1885), a shoemaker. They had eight children, all born in Wellingborough:

1. Alfred Blunt (1840-1840) died three days after his christening on 13 October

2. Jane Blunt (1842-1932)

3. George Blunt (c.1845)

4. Alfred Blunt (c.1847)

5. Thomas Blunt (c.1850)

6. Eliza Blunt (c.1854)

7. Francis Blunt (c.1857)

8. Emma Blunt (c.1858) 

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