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On marriage certificate: Only John Kable and Eliza Dyel married 15th August 1825 at St Matthew, Windsor and registered at St. Matthew, Windsor, E.

Julia Kable, in her book listed below, shows Eliza came to Australia as a child with her mother Mary Dyel and siblings Caroline and Henry. Eliza was born in England, probably in 1809, and died in 1853 at Oakborough, near Rylstone soon after the birth of Prosper Joshua. There were several variations on the name Dyel such as Dial, Dyell, Dyal, Dyer, Dyiell, Dyle and it there is a strong case for her name actually being Doyle. I'll leave it here as Dyel as that is the name that appears in the various sources I have. She was also known by a different maiden name, Caton, from her step father.


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