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(Research):Possible Death: 22936/1940 REED ELIZABETH JOSEPH MARY KINGSFORD

Notes for Elizabeth Alice Reid
The Crookwell and District Historical Society state that Elizabeth Alice Reid married Joseph Briscoe in 1890 and cite NSW BDM marriage index reference 01828/1890 as evidence of this. However, a transcript of this marriage record reveals that this marriage was for an "Elizabeth Auld Reid", spinster, to a "John Briscoe" on 31 Dec 1890. The bride's age, birthplace and parents are not listed, but the marriage occurred at the "residence of Thomas Reid, 107 George Street, Sydney".

A much more probable reference is NSW marriage record 04638/1885. This is for an "Elizabeth Alice Reid" to "Edward Hogan" on 29 Dec 1884. Unfortunately this also fails to list the bride's age, birthplace and parents, but did occur at the "residence of Joseph Reid, Peats Ferry".

I prefer to conclude that the Reid/Briscoe marriage is for another individual because (1) Elizabeth's second given name was "Alice", not "Auld", (2) her father's name was "Joseph Reid" and there is no known relative named "Thomas Reid", and (3) Joseph Reid was known to be living at Peats Ferry at the time.
[Rhona Brownlow]

Notes: At "Markdale".


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