Elizabeth Forbes (1836-1921)

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Elizabeth Forbes (1836-1921)
Elizabeth Forbes
Sex: Female
Birth: January 7, 1836
Death: February 8, 1921
Carroll County, Ohio
Father: James Forbes (1798-1863)
Mother: Elizabeth Johnston (1803-1858)
Siblings: Nancy Forbes (1825-aft1880)
Andrew Forbes (c1827-bef1880)
Thomas Johnston Forbes (c1829-aft1880)
Sarah Jane Forbes (c1831-aft1880)
John C. Forbes (1833-1900)
Catherine Forbes (c1838-aft1870)
Amanda Forbes (1840-1931)
Martha M. Forbes (c1842-aft1880)
Emma Forbes (c1846-aft1880)
Spouse/Partner: John H. Stephenson (c1819-aft1870)
Marriage: February 25, 1858
Carroll County, Ohio
Children: James Forbes Stephenson (c1863-aft1870)
Elizabeth Stephenson (1870-?)

1870 CensusEdit

Elizabeth resided with her husband John H. Stephenson and family in the 1870 census of Carroll County, Ohio. Also in the household were children James Forbes Stephenson (c1863-aft1870) and Elizabeth Stephenson (1870-?), as well has Elizabeth's step-children George D. Stephenson and Thurza D. Stephenson from John's first marriage. John's father Joseph Stephenson also resided in the household.

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