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 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Elizabeth Morris (1840-1915)Hartley, New South Wales, AustraliaSouth Bowenfels, New South Wales, AustraliaJames Morris (c1814-1848)Maria Watkins (1821-1892)James Gowan Peacock (1837-1917)
Elizabeth Morris (1777-1852)Bisley, Gloucestershire, England, United KingdomCastle Hill, New South Wales, AustraliaJohn Dalton (c1776-?)+William Kentwell (1761-1809)+Murtagh Shields (?-?)+Thomas Tomkins (c1790-1829)
Elizabeth Morris (1808-1901)Parramatta, New South Wales, AustraliaCoonamble, New South Wales, AustraliaJames Morris (c1763-1854)Sarah Mitchell (1792-1876)John Blackman (c1795-1860)
Elizabeth Morris (1821-1902)Lower Hawkesbury, New South Wales, AustraliaWisemans Ferry, New South Wales, AustraliaPrice Morris (1783-1867)Mary Spear (1802-1888)George Douglass (1817-1902)
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