Elizabeth Russell Cringan (1893-1983)
CRINGAN, Elizabeth Russell (1893-1983)
Sex: Female
Father: Alexander Thom Cringan (1860-1931)
Mother: Lillias Rennie Waugh (1861-1929)
Spouse/Partner: James Wilfrid Gardner (1896-1963)


Name Birth Death

Helen Elizabeth Gardner

James Cringan Gardner (1929-1981) Feb. 15, 1929
Hamilton, Ontario
Dec. 8, 1981
Burlington, Ontario

Ruth Tennant Gardner

Bessie was one of the Cringans of Toronto from Carluke. She was the sixth of eleven children of Alexander Thom Cringan (1860-1931) and Lillias Rennie Waugh (1861-1929). She was born in Toronto on Dec. 20, 1893.

She married James Wifrid Gardner (1896-1983). Their second of three children was James Cringan Gardner (1929-1981).

Bessie's gravestone is shown on the Ontario Cemeteries Web Page


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