Elizabeth Warrender was the daughter of William Warrender and Christian Kieth. She was born in Balchristie, Fife, Scotland.


Elizabeth Warrender was born 1555 in Balchristie, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom to William Warrender (-bef 1556) and Christina Keith (1512-1553) and died 1597 of unspecified causes. She married James Finley (1530-1597) 1576 JL in Balchristie, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.


Offspring of James Finley and Elizabeth Warrender (1530-1597)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Alexander Finley (1585-1644)
William Finley (1576-1665)
William Finley (1582-1665)
James Finley (1583-1620)
Alexander Finley (1584-1644)
Andrew Finley (1576-1670)
Christina Finley (1580)
Andrew Finley (1669)
John Finley (1579-1670) 8 June 1579 (St. Andrews+ Balchristie fife+ Scotland) Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character ",". (Balchristie Fife+ Scotland) Sarah Craigie (1590-1670)
Elenor Forbes (?-?)

Andrew Finley (1582-1654)
James Finley (1631-1681)


Guy Davis-compiled information and converted it into article format.

From Rootsweb: ID I00016

Guy and Gia Davis Family Research Project

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