Elizabeth Wheeler (1725-aft1775)
Elizabeth Wheeler
Sex: Female
Birth: 1725
Death: after 1775
Father: William Wheeler (1694-1766)
Mother: Isabella Price (1701-1728)
Siblings: Benjamin Wheeler (1726-1807)
Spouse/Partner: Joseph Peregoy (1726-1792)
Children: Helena Peregoy
Temperance Peregoy
Constance Peregoy
Joseph Peregoy II (c1751-c1790)
William Peregoy (1752-1820)
Charles Peregoy (1760-?)
Elisha Peregoy (c1761-?)
Elizabeth Gale Peregoy (c1769-?)
Rebecca Peregoy (c1772-c1852)
James Peregoy (c1775-?)


Elizabeth was born in 1725 to parents William Wheeler (1694-1766) and Isabella Price (1701-1728).

Marriage to Joseph PeregoyEdit

Elizabeth married Joseph Peregoy (1726-1792).

Children by Joseph PeregoyEdit

Among the known children of Joseph Peregoy and Elizabeth Wheeler are:

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