She was born in Newburgh NY in 1842, a daughter of Archibald Wiseman (1813-1853) and Susan Clyde (181? -188?). (Her brothers to live to adulthood were Samuel Dunlap Wiseman (1844-1917), David Wiseman and Archibald Wiseman Jr). She married John McNeal (1840-1923) at the First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Newburgh in 1863. Their children included Margaret Dunlap McNeal (1865-1950), Susan Clyde, Archibald, Joseph Wilson, and an infant, Elizabeth (1875-1876). She died in childbirth and is at rest in a St. George's cemetery plot in Newburgh along with her father-in-law John McNeal (1802-1874), her husband, her husband's second wife, and her infant daughter.

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