12. Martin Jesse KNIFONG was born 1774 in Rowan Co., N.C., and died 1841 in Sullivan Co., MO. He was buried in Knifong Cem. Sullivan, MO. He was the son of 24. Martin Jesse NEUFANG and 25. Anna Maria 'Mary' CLODFELTER.

13. Eva WOLF(E) was born 1778 in Pennsylvania, and died in MO.. She was buried in Knifong cem., Sullivan, MO. She was the daughter of 26. John WOLF(E).


i. Anna Maria "Polly" KNIFONG was born 17 FEB 1800 in Wythe Co., VA, and died 29 DEC 1890 in MO.. She married Patrick MCQUOWN 1820 in VA.. He was born 10 APR 1803 in Virginia, and died 10 APR 1879 in Sullivan Co., MO.
ii. Martha KNIFONG was born 13 NOV 1801 in Lee Co., VA., and died 16 FEB 1887 in Milan, Sullivan Co., MO. She married William M. GOSE 30 JAN 1823 in VA., son of Christopher GOSE and Mary Elizabeth LITZ. He was born 26 JUN 1798 in Elk Cr., Grayson Co., VA, and died 5 JUN 1865 in Milan, Sullivan Co., MO.
iii. Sarah Ann KNIFONG was born 1804 in Russell, VA., and died 5 FEB 1875 in Sullivan, MO.. She married Uriah HARRIS 1830 in VA, son of Charles HARRIS and Priscilla COLLINS. He was born 1809 in NC, and died 17 NOV 1879 in MO.
iv. John Jesse KNIFONG was born 5 OCT 1805 in Russell Co., VA, and died 28 JAN 1864 in Sullivan Co., MO. He married Anna R. LAMBERT 1831 in Russell Co., VA. She was born 30 MAY 1810 in Russell Co., VA, and died 6 SEP 1882 in MO..
v. Ellen KNIFONG was born 1809 in Russell Co., VA, and died 1834 in VA. She married Sterling WILLIS.
vi. Joseph Wampler KNIFONG was born 11 APR 1811 in Russell Co. Virginia, and died 5 MAY 1880 in Polk Co., Or. He married Rhoda Ann THURLO 1845 in Linn Co., MO, daughter of John THURLO and Abigail HUSSEY. She was born ABT 1823 in Morgan, Ohio, and died AUG 1852 in Ione Valley CA. He married Mary Polly 'Owen' "White" FOUNTAIN 19 FEB 1854 in Yamhill Co., Oregon Territory, daughter of James FOUNTAIN and Elizabeth RING. She was born 18 SEP 1821 in Stokes Co., North Carolina, and died 29 APR 1897 in Yamhill Co., Or.
vii. Felix C. KNIFONG was born 1814 in Russell Co., VA, and died 1850 in Milan, MO. He married Lucy HAMILTON 1833 in Russell Co., VA, daughter of Nathan HAMILTON and Nancy STONE. She died 19 MAR 1835 in VA. He married Ester Caroline STURGILL 18 FEB 1847 in Sullivan Co., MO, daughter of Joel Cass STURGILL and RACHEL WATERS. She was born 1821 in Ashe, NC, and died ABT 1888 in Baker, OR.
viii. Didamcy DIADAMA was born 1816 in Russell Co., VA, and died 6 APR 1860 in MO.. She married Edmond FRANKLIN 22 JUL 1851 in Sullivan, MO. He was born 1813 in KY.
ix. Caleb KNIFONG was born 23 MAR 1818 in Russell, VA, and died 9 JUL 1871 in Sullivan Co., MO. He married Gracie HOSKINS 1847 in MO. She was born 31 MAR 1825 in MO., and died 25 NOV 1897.
x. Elizabeth W. KNIFONG was born 11 NOV 1823 in VA, and died 13 AUG 1864. She married John Bradford HARMAN 24 NOV 1846 in Sullivan Co., MO. He was born 1825 in KY, and died 1882 in MO.

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