Elling Ormson (1618-1676) of Solbjør
Elling Ormson
Sex: Male
Birth: 1618
Bjerkreim, Norway
Death: September 15, 1676
Bjerkreim, Norway
Father: Orm Ellingson (bef1602-aft1645)
Siblings: Gjertrud Ormsdatter of Solbjør (?-1677)
Spouse/Partner: Steinvor Arnbjørnsdatter (?-aft1640) of Odland
Children: Arnbjørn Ellingson (1640-1658)
Sven Ellingson (1641-1725) of Solbjør
Peder Ellingson (c1643-1688)
Astrid Ellingsdatter (c1645-?)
Torborg Ellingsdatter (c1647-?)
Ole Ellingson (c1648-?)
Joren Ellingsdatter (1650-?)


Elling was born 1618 in Solbjør, Bjerkreim, Norway.

Marriage to Steinvor Arnbjørnsdatter of OdlandEdit

Elling married Steinvor Arnbjørnsdatter, daughter of Arnbjørn Torsteinson of Odland.


Elling died September 15, 1676, in Odland, Bjerkreim, Norway.


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