Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama

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Elmwood Cemetery
Year established about 1900
Location 600 Martin Luther King Jr Drive
Birmingham, AL 35211
Phone: (205) 251-3114
Country United States
Website Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Alabama

Individuals Buried HereEdit

(Note this is not a complete list)








Another versionEdit

Elmwood Cemetery is located at 600 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama.


Truman Heminway Aldrich (1848-1932) - United States Congressman

William Wirt Allen (1835-1894) - American Civil War Confederate Major General

Sydney Johnston Bowie (1865-1928) - United States Congressman

Paul William Bryant (1913-1983) - (aka) "Bear Bryant," College Football Coach

William Benjamin Chapman (1908-1993) - (aka) "Ben Chapman," Major League Baseball Player

Braxton Bragg Comer (1848-1927) - Governor of Alabama, United States Senator

Russell McWhorter Cunningham (1855-1921) - Governor of Alabama

William Henry Denson (1846-1906) - United Satates Congressman

Joseph John Domnanovich (1919-2009) - Professional Football Player

Henry Eugene Erwin (1921-2002) - World War II Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

William Dudley Geer (1922-2003) - American Educator

Samuel Harding Hairston (1920-1997) - Professional Baseball Player

Chalmer Luman Harris (1915-1996) - Major League Baseball Player, Manager

Frank O. House (1927-1989) - U.S. Air Force General

George Huddleston, Sr. (1869-1960) - United States Congressman

George Huddleston, Jr. (1920-1971) - United States Congressman

Pattie Ruffner Jacobs (1875-1935) - American Social Reformer

Joseph Forney Johnston (1843-1913) - Governor of Alabama

Eddie James Kendrick (1939-1992) - R & B Singer

John Webster Kirklin (1917-2004) - American heart surgeon

Carol Denise McNair (1951-1963) - Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing Victim

Wilson Daniel Miles (1909-1976) - Major Leage Baseball Player

John Parks Newsome (1893-1961) - United States Congressman

Luther Patrick (1894-1957) - United States Congressman

Sun Ra (1914-1993) - Experimental Jazz Musician

Torrance Albert Russell, Jr. (1916-1997) - (aka) "Bo Russell," Professional Football Player

Frederic William Sington (1910-1998) - Major League Baseball Player

Albert Lee Smith, Jr. (1931-1997) - United States Congressman

Jesse Francis Stallings (1856-1928) - United States Congressman

Oscar Wilder Underwood (1862-1929) - United States Congressman

Fred E. Walker (1911-1982) - (aka) "Dixie Walker," Major League Baseball Player

Francis Shelley White (1847-1922) - (aka) "Frank White," United States Congressman

Clarence Yaryan (1892-1964) - (aka) "Yam Yaryan," Major League Baseball Player


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