Eloise Lindauer
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Sex: Female
Birth: March 25, 1856 (1856-03-25) (162 years ago)
most likely Manhattan, New York
Death: March 3, 1921 (age 60)
97 years ago
Rye, New York
Burial: Flower Hill Cemetery, North Bergen, New Jersey
Father: Charles Frederick Lindauer I (1835-1921)
Mother: Anna Augusta Kershaw (1841-1931)
Spouse/Partner: Maximillian S. Freudenberg I (1858-1921)
Marriage: 1878 (age 18)
140 years ago
New York or New Jersey
Children: Babyboy Freudenberg (1879)
Max S. Freudenberg II (1881)
Ada Augusta Freudenberg (1885-1957)
Charles Fredrick Freudenberg (1887-1942)
Jenny Gertrude Freudenberg (1888)
Clara Freudenberg (1889-1959)
Arthur Oscar Freudenberg I (1891-1968)
Max S. Freudenberg III (1893-1900)
Louis Julius Freudenberg I (1894-1918)
Harry Freudenberg (1895-1896)
Richard F. Freudenberg (1896-1988)
Eloise Freudenberg (1898)
Eugene Freudenberg I (1900-1956)
Ralph Freudenberg (1903-1980)
Grace May Freudenberg (1904-1981)

Eloise Lindauer II (1856-1935) aka Ellie Lindauer. She was a housewife. (b. March 25, 1856; most likely Manhattan, New York, USA - d. February 9, 1935; Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA)



She was born on March 25, 1856 in Manhattan, New York. A record of her birth has not been found yet in the New York City Municipal Archive. She was born in 1856 according to the 1860 United States Census where she was four years old.


Her religion is not known, but the Lindauers may have been Protestant, possibly Lutheran. The Kershaws were most likely associated with the Dutch Reformed Church. One of her children's deaths was recorded at the Lutheran Church in Hoboken, New Jersey. She married into the Freudenbergs and they were Jewish.



Eloise married Max S. Freudenberg I (1858-1921) around 1878 and they lived with her parents at 51 8th Street in Hoboken, New Jersey and they were recorded in the 1880 United States Census. Max had emigrated from Berlin in Germany in 1879 and was Jewish. They married in New York or in New Jersey. The certificate from their marriage has not been found in the archives of New York or New Jersey.

Hudson County, New JerseyEdit

Eloise and Max rented a house at 89 Adam Street in Hoboken from about 1888 to 1893, then they moved to 220 Madison Street in Hoboken till at least 1903. Most of the children were born in this house in Hoboken. They lived at 51 Booraem Avenue in Jersey City till around 1910. In 1910 they were living at 22 Hopkins Avenue in Jersey City. They were living at 63 Concord Street in Jersey City when Max died in 1921 and were still there up until the 1930 US Census.


Eloise and Max had 15 children, with 9 living to adulthood. Only 6 of the 9 had children and only 5 had grandchildren. Her first child was in 1879 when she was 18 years old. Her last child was in 1904 when she was 43. The children were:

Rye, New YorkEdit

Eloise's father moved up to Rye, New York around 1895 and Eloise would visit him there. Her father may have owned some wine-gardens and may have been involved in a hotel in Rye. He owned cigar stores with his brothers in Manhattan and Hoboken and Jersey City. He owned a large house in Rye, but it no longer exists. Her father was involved with the numbers game.


Eloise was blind in her later years and lived at 61 Concord with her daughter Clara in a two family house. Richard F. Freudenberg (1896-1988) and his wife and child, lived in the other unit of this two family house.


Eloise died on February 9, 1935 of a "coronary occlusion" while living at 92 Jefferson Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey.


She was buried at Flower Hill Cemetery, North Bergen, New Jersey with the following people:

Her children that died as infants are buried at Cypress Hills in Brooklyn, New York in the Oscar A.M. Lindauer plot. Some children that died as infants may be buried in Hoboken Cemetery according to the death certificates, but the plot hasn't been located yet. Eloise has no marker for her grave. The only one on the plot is for her son, Louis Freudenberg, who died in WWI and the stone has been toppled over and is barely legible.


Some of Eloise's papers were saved when the house was sold and are now with Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ). They were given to him by the children of Richard Charles Freudenberg I (1918-1994).


  • Researched and written by Richard Arthur Norton (1958) for Findagrave starting on June 26, 2003. Updated on March 10, 2013 with the date of her burial. Updated on April 8, 2013 to change her place of birth to Manhattan based on her death certificate and her year of birth as 1856 based on the 1860 US census.

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Eloise Lindauer II (1860-1935)'s ancestors in three generations
Eloise Lindauer II (1860-1935) Father:
Charles Frederick Lindauer I (1835-1921)
Paternal Grandfather:
Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer (1815-1866)
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Paternal Grandmother:
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Anna Augusta Kershaw (1841-1931)
Maternal Grandfather:
Abraham Kershaw (1815-aft1850)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Rem Cashow (1768-1816) ^
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maratje Bennet (1774-1830) ^
Maternal Grandmother:
Sarah Oldrin (1816-1894)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
William Oldrin (1772-1858)
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Amy X (1780-1853)

^ Tentative parent.