Elwood Joseph Reeve (1852-1934) Carpenter (b. February 11, 1852, Woodstown, New Jersey, USA - d. January 04, 1934, Springside, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA)


He married Caroline Harris Warffuel (1854-1909) on January 03, 1873.


Leslie Reeve (1874); Alfred Warffuell Reeve (1875-1956) who married Elisabeth H. Hubbard (1881-1943); Prentice Carroll Reeve (1881-1947) who married Eva Sarah Everett (1883-1968); and Clarence Ethan Reeve (1888-1960) who married Lillian Katherine Van Deusen (1898-1961).

Bridgeton, Cumberland County, New JerseyEdit

In the 1880 US Census they they may be living in Bridgeton, Cumberland County, New Jersey and be incorrectly indexed as "Elbert J. Reeve" and "Carroline Reeve", or this may be a cousin of his. In the 1900 US Census the family is living at 30 Tanner Street, Haddonfield, Camden County, New Jersey. In the 1930 US Census he was retired and living with he son, Prentice Carroll Reeve at 101 North Franklin Street, Bound Brook, Somerset County, New Jersey.

Memories about Elwood Joseph ReeveEdit

Lillian Edythe Reeve (1923- ) says: "Elwood Reeve lived with us when he died. He was a carpenter and worked on building the houses in Sea Isle City, New Jersey."

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