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Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Elza Messerly (1857) and Sarah Tschopp (1875)
Hazel Messerly (c1885) c1885 Baltimore Ohio [1]
Ruth Messerly (c1887) c1887 Baltimore Ohio
Neol Messerly (c1890) c1890 Baltimore Ohio 17 Aug 1968 Lancaster, Ohio[2]
Daniel Messerly (1891) Daniel T 16 Nov 1891[3] Baltimore Ohio 20 Nov 1942 Stark, Ohio
Max Messerly (1894) 27 Feb 1894 Lancaster Ohio[4]


  1. ^ guessing Baltimore Ohio- that's where Daniel said he was born- no 1890 census data to confirm location
  2. ^ Ohio state death certificate 060927
  3. ^ WW I draft registration- eyes brown, hair black
  4. ^ WW I draft registration- eyes brown, hair brown occupation druggist.

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