Emile George Charles Levita (c1828-1909)
Arthur Francis Levita (1865-1910)
Katherine Plumridge Rée (1842-1907)
Enid Agnes Maud Levita (1908-1993)
William Cooper (c1810-)
Alfred Cooper (1838-1908)
Anna Marsh (-1900)
Stephanie Agnes Cooper (1883-1918)
Alexander Duff (c1778-1851)
James Duff, 5th Earl of Fife (1814-1879)
Anne Stein (c1789-1859)
Agnes Cecil Emmeline Duff (1852-1925)
William George Hay, 18th Earl of Erroll (1801-1846)
Agnes Georgiana Elizabeth Hay (1829-1869)
Elizabeth FitzClarence (1801-1856)

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