Erling August Norman Tandberg
14299088 114965286942
Birth: October 12, 1879 (1879-10-12) (138 years ago)
Oslo, Norway
Death: November 7, 1972 (age 93)
45 years ago
Oxnard, California
Burial: Ivy Lawn Cemetery
Ventura, California
Father: Andreas Thorsen Tandberg (1846-1910)
Mother: Valborg Margrethe Fischer (1848-1915)
Siblings: Christian Tandberg (1872-1947)
Thorvald Martin Tandberg (1874-1970)
Valborg Andrea Tandberg
Andrea Tandberg (1876)
Nils Jacob Tandberg (1878-?)
Johannes Emanuel Tandberg (1878-1880)
Ragnhild Aagot Tandberg (1880)
Bjarne Adolf Trygve Tandberg (1884-1885)
Gudrun Ingebjorg Louise Tandberg (1887-1907)
Ragnhild Aagot Martha Tandberg (1887-?)

Earl Tandberg (1879-1972) aka Erling August Norman Tandberg; US Army Corps of Engineers (b. October 12, 1879, Oslo, Norway - d. November 07, 1972, Oxnard, Ventura County, California, 93030, USA) Social Security Number 573329691.


  • Erling August Norman Tandberg, at birth
  • Earl Norman Tandberg, in obituary
  • Earl Tandberg, by Social Security
  • Earl N. Tandberg, in California death index



The 1900 census of Norway says that he was born in Norway, however he has always stated that he was born in Chicago, Illinois, and that is what he listed on a 1919 manifest and that what was used in his obituary.


Christian Tandberg (1872-?) who was born in Orangeville, Canada and lived in London; Thorvald Martin Tandberg (1874-1970) who was born in Portland, Maine and worked as a restaurant and hotel manager; Valborg Tandberg who may have died as an infant; Nils Jacob Tandberg (1878-?) who married Gemanda Fredrikke Hartmann (1880-?) of Soggendal, Norway; Biarje Tandberg who died as a youth; Gudrun Tandberg (1887-after1900) who died as a youth; and Ragnhild Tandberg (1887-?) who was a twin of Gudrun.

Norway to USAEdit

On April 07, 1902, as "Erling August Norman Tandberg", he was traveling from Kristiania, Norway to "Sault Ste Marie".


He died in November of 1972 under the name "Earl Norman Tandberg". He was listed as being born in Illinois in his obituary. Social Security listed him as "Earl Tandberg". He was interred at Ivy Lawn Cemetery
Ventura, California

Memories about Earl TandbergEdit

Pauline Dutton on May 24, 2006: Erling was a terrible man and he stole $50,000 perhaps in Norway and might have run off to the United States with it. Erling was in an assisted care unit and we visited him, he had black hair.

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