Esther Catherine Rooney was born 1892 in Stockton, New South Wales, Australia to William Rooney (bef1856-aft1892) and Sarah Francis (bef1856-aft1892) and died circa 1969 in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. She married Eric William Francis (1892-c1971) 1 March 1924 in Stockton, New South Wales, Australia. Ancestors are from Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France.

Common ancestors of Esther Catherine Rooney (1892-c1969) and Eric William Francis (1892-c1971)

  1. Ann Davis (1774-1854)
  2. Ann Poulton (c1774-1835)
  3. Antoine L'André (c1771-1811)
  4. Charlotte Moulds (1811-1852)
  5. Honora Collins (c1770-1837)
  6. Jane Landers (1811-1856)
  7. John Francis (1806-1869)
  8. Mary Ann Wooller (1834-1867)
  9. Samuel Wooller (1802-1873)
  10. Simon Moulds (1776-1843)
  11. Thomas Francis (1832-1880)
  12. Thomas Francis (c1765-1820)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • AWT:db: yewenyi, id: I17262 — no longer available
Ω Birth
  • BDM Index ref for birth: 33586/1892
¶ Death
  • BDM Index ref for death: 33976/1969

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