Esther Ruth Clyde (1895-1973) Housewife (June 01, 1895, Minnesota, USA - d. February 1973, Thief River Falls, Pennington County, Minnesota, 56701, USA) Social Security Number 468527772.


Esther had a sister, X Clyde, who was deaf and married to Edward Sislo, and they had a daughter Shirley Sislo. They lived in Milan, Michigan.

First marriageEdit

She was married to Donald Stegaman.

Second marriageEdit

She married Ralph Christian Andreas Tandberg (1901-1995). Ralph was previously married to Sigrid Marie Andreassen (1905-1940).


Pauline Tandberg who married Richard Dutton and they live in La Canada and their daughter Nancy went to Harvard; and Christopher Tandberg who is deaf and lives in California.


Ralph and Esther divorced.


He then married JoAnn Losey.

Memories about Esther Ruth ClydeEdit

  • Charles DeWitt Baker II said on May 10, 2006: "Esther had a cackling laugh and smoked. Ralph would do the quarter trick, pretend to pull a quarter out of my ear, then give it to me. Once I was running out of gas while driving from San Diego to Annaheim to go to Disney in 1981. It was during gas rationing, when they had even and odd days to fill up your car. I rented a Chevy from Rent-A-Wreck for $9 a day. We realized that Ralph lived in Anaheim and he got my tank filled up for $10, even though it was wrong day for me to get filled. One time my mom and I were there, and my mom went to take a glass. Ralph said "don't use them they are for company"."
  • June Tandberg Baker said on May 12, 2006: "She was very bright, but may have been bipolar. I think she was already dead by time we moved to Utah in 1971."