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This is a place where you can create articles about your ancestors, and easily link them to other articles about where and when they lived. You can work wholly within this wiki, or you can link your articles to sites on the world wide web. And because this is a wiki format, you can work collaboratively with others to create a network of articles about your ancestors and about those they lived and worked with — or simply about people you find interesting. It is our hope that, as this site grows, we will gradually be able to link our ancestors into a network that goes far beyond the simple nuts and bolts of who lived where and when.

The focus of this site is on capturing the details of the lives of our ancestors, both those historically significant people and the everyday people usually not listed in encyclopaedias, histories, or even "people's histories". Along the way, the site will also provide information about the historical and social context in which our ancestors found themselves.

This site aspires to be truly global, with active contributors and information from several cultures and languages, and all four Hemispheres.

We have some of the latest wiki software to make page display easy and minimize duplication of work. Semantic MediaWiki is being developed to make data entry as easy as on a commercial program and to make data retrieval and presentation easier still. That has now progressed well enough to be the best method of creating pages for people, replacing the info page system that may be familiar to users from 2007-2009.

Sign in and join us. Plenty of friendly genealogists here to help if you get stuck!

Featured Article
William Hancy (1766-1830) (a 220-kB article by one of our contributors who joined Familypedia as recently as December 2012!) - William Hancy was born circa 1766 in United Kingdom ... and died 6 December 1830 in Baulkham Hills, The Hills Shire, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia of head injury from being thrown from the horse he was riding.
Immigrant on the Minorca in 1801
Contents: 1 Immigration; 2 Life before immigrating; 3 Faith of the Family ... read more

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Today is November 26.

Familypedia people who were born on this day

  Father Mother Birth place
Redick Reddin Allred (1848-1940) Reddick Newton Allred (1822-1905) Lucy Hoyt (1824-1907) Allreds Camp, Pottawattamie County, Iowa
Jens Peder Apel (1839-1929) Johan Peder Apel (1809-1890) Kirsten Pedersdatter (1805-1891) Køng, Denmark
Johann Georg Bach (1756-1823) Johann Leonhard Bach (1724-1796) Maria Catharina Balbach (?-?) "Waldmannshofen, Baden-Württemburg, Germany"
Agnes Brodie (1845-1929) John Thomas Brodie (1805-1858) Margaret Crawford (1822-1905) Dry Plain, Adaminaby, New South Wales, Australia
Marjorie Colman (1888-) Jeremiah Colman (1853-) Annie Maple (c1861-) Clifton House, Cricklewood, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Chauncey Harvey Cook (1843-1923) John Solomon Fullmer (1807-1883) Olive Amanda Smith (1825-1885) Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois
George Fairbanks (1619-1681) Jonathan Fairbanks (1594-1668) Grace Smith (1599-1676) Sowerby, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
William Forrester (1801-1853) David Forrester (1764-1811) Janet Young (1785-1853) Perth, Perthshire, Scotland
Edward William Terrick Hamilton (1809-1898) Anthony Hamilton (1778-1851) Charity Graeme Farquhar (?-1869) Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
… further results

Familypedia people who died on this day

  Father Mother Death place Age at death
Hendrina Aarts (1805-1876) Godefridus Aarts (1778-1826) Elisabeth Damen (1787-1848) Deurne, North Brabant, Netherlands 71
Alice Eleanor Baker (1863-1926) Thomas Baker (1819-1904) Eleanor Cutbush (1819-1882) Uralla, New South Wales, Australia 63
Thomas Belasyse, 3rd Viscount Fauconberg (-1718) Rowland Belasyse (c1632-1699) Anne Davenport (c1630-) Belgium
Alice Bosworth (1605-1668) Joseph Bosworth (1574-?) "Danvers, Massachusetts" 63
George Bransdon (1857-1927) Bakers Creek, New South Wales, Australia 70
John Thomas Bridge (1845-1887) Joseph Bridge (1814-1891) Mary Ann Carpenter (1824-1914) Lucky Creek, Queensland, Australia 42
Edward William Spencer Cavendish, 10th Duke of Devonshire (1895-1950) Victor Christian William Cavendish, 9th Duke of Devonshire (1868-1938) Evelyn Emily Mary FitzMaurice (1870-1960) Eastbourne, Sussex, England, United Kingdom 55
James Henry Cornish (1857-1899) Richard Cornish (c1810-1860) Ann Smart Walledge (1831-1876) Cassilis, New South Wales, Australia 42
Albert Clifford Cramp (1900-1979) Alfred Ernest Cramp (1864-1955) Margaret Williams (1865-1953) Binda, New South Wales, Australia 79
… further results

Familypedia people who were first married on this day

  Father Mother Joined with Wedding1 locality
Anna Pieters (c1690-aft1718) Pieter Sijmon Gerritsz (1663-1730) Wervershoof
Violant de Aragón (1236-1301) Jaime I de Aragón (1208-1276) Violant of Hungary (c1216-1253) Alfonso X of Castile (1221-1284) Valladolid
Reddick Newton Allred (1822-1905) Isaac Allred (1788-1870) Mary Calvert (1793-1851) Lucy Hoyt (1824-1907) + Amelia Jane McFerson (1841-1910) + Calysta Ward Warrick (1844-1916) Nauvoo, Illinois
Pieter Bergwerf (1724-) Jan Bergwerf (1692-1749) Trijntje van Velden Trijntje Borsje Maassluis
Richard Blundell (1790-1824) George Blundell (-1801) Catherine Hussey (1760-1845) Mary Flint (1796-1872) Horley
Peter Chardon Brooks (1767-1849) Edward Brooks (1733-1781) Abigail Brown (1744-1799) Anna Gorham (1771-1830) Boston
Sarah Burbank (1766-1800) Gershom Burbank (1734-1817) Ann Pearson (1738-1818) Elias Cheney (1773-1805) Thornton, New Hampshire
Catherine Burberry (1779-1859) George Tate (1783-1853) Betchworth
Henry Buttsworth (1822-1900) Henry Buttsworth (1789-1853) Sarah Rose (1795-1869) Matilda Cobcroft (1826-1885) Wilberforce, New South Wales
… further results

Familypedia people who had their second wedding (or first after a liaison) on this day

  Father Mother Joined with Wedding2 locality
Richard Beauchamp, 13th Earl of Warwick (1381-1439) Thomas de Beauchamp, 12th Earl of Warwick (1339-1401) Margaret Ferrers (-1406) Elizabeth Berkeley, Baroness Lisle (c1385-1422)+Isabel Despencer (1400-1439)
Hendrikus Overmars (1836-1893) Willem Overmars (1796-1849) Willemina Putten (1802-1872) Hendrika Willemina Oosterkamp (c1838-1867)+Johanna Albarta Hendriks (c1846-1930)
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    Braham Abrahams family

    October 1, 2014 by Jslash831

    I have been researching my paternal side of the family for about 15 years now.  Initially I had my last name only to research, Braham, while researching more and more I found that the original surname was Abraham(s), depending on the person, time and place.  But the curious thing was/is that the family went by Braham Abrahams.  There was a brother…

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    Robin Patterson

    Wikia management decided last year not to allow any more Wikia sites to take up Semantic MediaWiki, because of apparently insoluble problems. As our expert staffer said, "SMW is tough to run on a wiki, it's almost impossible to run effectively on a farming platform like Wikia."

    At that time staff remained "committed to keeping it active and useable…

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  • 1
    Phil allen


    August 26, 2014 by Phil allen

    Thanks for the updates and addition of the tree, will look at that functionality next time I am editing. have lots more data in ancestory but the transfer is manual so takes time. Shame there is no automtic GED transfer to get the process started.

    Cheers Phil Allen

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    Robin Patterson

    The 33,333 counts only the pictures that have been uploaded. There are thousands more that appear automatically by a process of transclusion from Wikimedia Commons.

    Uploaded images include relatives' contributions of photos of people and the places where they lived as well as of original census pages and a variety of other matters of genealogical i…

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    May 24, 2014 by 610456

    yusuf ilter doğum 1 temmuz 1924 ölüm 18 mayıs 1972

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