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Family treeEdit

This tree shows the descent of all British monarchs from William I, and their relationships with each other. Only branches that were used to determine succession of a monarch are shown. The direct royal line can be followed as the leftmost line.

 William I
 Henry I    William II    Adela of Normandy
 Empress Matilda  Stephen
 Henry II
 John     Richard I
 Henry III
 Edward I
 Edward II
 Edward III
 Lionel of Antwerp  Edward the Black Prince  John of Gaunt
 Philippa of Ulster  Richard II   Henry IV  Earl John Beaufort
 Roger de Mortimer  Henry V  Duke John Beaufort
 Anne de Mortimer  Henry VI  Margaret Beaufort
 Richard, Duke of York  Henry VII
 Edward IV    Richard III  
 Elizabeth of York  Edward V  
 Margaret Tudor  Henry VIII  Mary Tudor
 James V of Scotland  Edward VI  Mary I  Elizabeth I  Lady Frances Brandon
 Mary, Queen of Scots  Lady Jane Grey
 James I
 Elizabeth Stuart    Charles I
 Sophia of Hanover  Mary Stuart  James II  Charles II
  George I  William III  =  Mary II  Anne
  George II
 Frederick, Prince of Wales
  George III
 Edward Augustus  George IV  William IV
  Edward VII
  George V
  George VI     Edward VIII
  Elizabeth II

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