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February 23 is the 54th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 311 days remaining until the end of the year (312 in leap years).




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77 Familypedia people were born on February 23

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Eliza Auber (1822-1890)John Auber (1783-1844)Elizabeth Helsdon (1784-1858)
Hannah Baldwin (1795-1860)Timothy Baldwin (1762-1823)Prudence Chapman (1768-1846)
George Blundell (1826-1888)George Blundell (1793-1887)Amy Frances Wells (1795-1857)
Joshua Booby (1877-1958)Charles Booby (1847-1910)Charlotte Fuller (1854-1937)
Gershom Brigham (1680-1749)Thomas Brigham (1641-1717)Mary Rice (1646-1695)
Lydia Butler (1629-1667)Nicholas Butler (1590-1671)Joyce Baker (1602-1680)
Harriett Elizabeth Campbell (1819-1879)Thomas Campbell (c1793-1867)Elizabeth Higgins (c1797-1827)
Thomas Chapman (1683-1721)Thomas Chapman (1649-1687)Sarah Merrick (1657-1694)
Person Colby Cheney (1828-1901)Moses Cheney (1793-1875)Abigail Morrison (1793-1881)
Ward Cheney (1813-1876)George Cheney (1771-1829)Electa Woodbridge (1760-1853)
Arabella Churchill (1648-1730)Winston Churchill (1620-1688)Elizabeth Drake (1620-)
Julia Clapp (1796-1831)Orris Clapp (1770-1847)Phebe Blish (1775-1853)
America Morgan Clark (1824-1900)John Norman Clark (1794-1864)Eliza Branch Sandifer (1794-1871)
Caroline Collits (1840-1907)James Collits (1806-1880)Bridget Clifford (1806-1856)
Grace Coolidge (1663-1699)John Coolidge (1628-1690)Hannah Livermore (1633-1678)
... further results

87 Familypedia people died on February 23

 FatherMotherAge at death
Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)Benjamin Abbot (1686-1748)Abigail Abbot (1699-1753)85
John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)John Adams (1735-1826)Abigail Smith (1744-1818)81
Benjamin Allen (1673-1743)Edward Allen (1632-1696)Sarah Kimball (1635-1696)
Hannah Caroline Allred (1808-1850)James Allred (1784-1876)Elizabeth Warren (1786-1879)
Grace Enid Baglin (1933-2006)Edward William Burgess Baglin (1906-1969)Florence Eveline Jenner (1901-1994)73
David Bailey (1861-1943)William Henry Bailey (1798-1865)Jane Knight (1823-1900)82
Sylvester Bemis (1761-1831)Joseph Bemis (1723-1800)Ruth Simonds (1727-1800)70
Ilona Beniczky (1842-1874)
Isabella Bentinck (1688-1728)Hans Willem Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland (1649-1709)Anne Villiers (c1651-1688)40
Robert William Botting (1818-1890)William Botting (1774-1846)Sarah Frances Baker (bef1794)72
Katherine J Bowes-Lyon (1926-2014)John Herbert Bowes-Lyon (1886-1930)Fenella Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis (1889-1966)88
Catherine Brigham (1767-1831)Antipas Brigham (1740-1791)Catherine Woods (1733-)64
Rebecca Canida (1785-1847)James Canida (1753-)Abilgail Summers (1762-)62
Herbert II de Vermandois (884-943)Herbert I de Vermandois (c848-907)Bertha de Morvois (c850-c907)59
Anne Chaloner (c1740-1805)William Chaloner (1714-1754)Mary Finney (c1720-)65
... further results

77 Familypedia people were first married on February 23

 FatherMotherJoined with
William Aris (1801-1867)William Aris (c1774-1837)Ann Turvey (c1773-1852)Patience Usher (1805-1873)
Israel Barlow (1806-1883)Jonathan Barlow (1769-1820)Annis Gillett (1784-1853)Elizabeth Haven (1811-1892)+ Elizabeth Barton (1803-1874) + Lucy Heap (1836-1901) + Cordelia Maria Dalrymple (1822-1905)
James Botting (1761-1833)Antil Botting (1740-1801)Jane (bef1761-1777)Mary Haybrittle (bef1786)
Deborah Brownell (1801-)Gershom Bradford Weston (1799-1869)
George Tyler Burroughs (1833-1913)Abner Tyler Burroughs (1805-1897)Mary Rice (1802-1888)Mary Evaline Zieger (1835-1920)
John Ellis Bush (1953)George Herbert Walker Bush (1924)Barbara Pierce (1925)Columba Garnica Gallo (1953)
James G.A. Butler (1890-1949)James A.W.F. Butler (1849-1943)Ellen StagerSybil I.M. Fellowes
Charlotte de Vendôme (1474-1520)Jean VIII de Vendôme (1428-1478)Isabelle de Beauvau (1436-1475)Engilbert de Nevers (1462-1506)
Louis de Bourbon (1729-1765)Louis XV de Bourbon (1710-1774)Maria Leszczyńska (1703-1768)Maria Teresa A.R. of Spain (1726-1746) + Maria Josepha von Sachsen (1731-1767)
Thomas Carpenter (1775-1831)Archealus Carpenter (1734-1810)Rebeckah Goulding (1737-1812)Catherine Shaw (1799-1894)
Desire Chipman (1673-1705)John Chipman (1621-1708)Hope Howland (1629-1684)Melatiah Bourne (1673-1742)
Richard William Cross (1847-1904)David Cross (1799-1869)Charlotte Elizabeth Johnson (1804-1886)Emily Ellinor Harte (1858-1944)
Alan Robert Cullen-Ward (1910-1985)Rupert Allen Cullen-Ward (1881-1948)Mary Winifred Collins (1884-1940)Phyllis Dorothea Murray-Prior (1913-2003)
Joyce Alton Cullen-Ward (1904-1996)Reginald Robert Cullen-Ward (1879-1965)Margaret Elizabeth Betts (1878-1937)Bruce West Loder (1902-1979)
John Dale (c1783-1860)Mary Williams (1802-1867)
... further results

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