First Lady of Rancho Agua Hedionda, the Spanish land grant of 13,311 acres in Carlsbad CA

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Felipa's Recuerdos were given to Bancroft in 1878, along with a collection of her father's Papeles Originales.

During the Mexican War, Don Juan Maria Marron supported the Americans against many of his Mexican friends. This support caused him considerable hardship and embarrassment.

Don Juan María Marrón died in 1853 at the age of forty-five; his widow and four children inherited Rancho Agua Hedionda, with the exception of 360 acres he bequeathed to Silvestre; his younger brother b. 1827. The latter also was given grazing rights of the entire rancho.

Children of Juan and Felipa Osuna Edit

Marrón was a ship's captain before settling San Diego in the early 1820s.

On January 12, 1834 Marrón married Maria Felipa de Jesus Catarina Osuna. She was baptized on

1 May 1809; daughter of Juan María Osuna and Maria Juliana Josefa Lopez de Osuna that were married at

Mission San Diego on 16 Feb 1806.

Juan Maria Romualdo Marron and Felipa Osuna had three sons and one daughter.

Juan Maria Osuna (Felipa's father) was Corporal of the escolta at Mission San Gabriel in 1807; returned to San Diego; elector in 1830; against Gov. Victoria in 1831; served as the first Alcade of San Diego (under Spaniard rule) 1 Jan 1835 – 1836; grantee of the Spanish land grant: Rancho San Dieguito (8,824 acres known today as Rancho Santa Fe, CA) 1836-1845; Juez de Paz (Justice of the Peace) in 1839; Mayordomo and Administrador for Mission San Diego in 1840-43 and Juez de Paz (again) in 1846 - This info per Marie Northrup's Early Spanish & Mexican Families, Vol 1.

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