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Origin: United Kingdom
Meaning: the son of John
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Individuals with that surname but no separate pageEdit

A simple Patronym , Fitzjohn means the son of John.

Early examples give the name as Le Fiz Johan . However it was not a fixed surname until about 1400 AD .

A notable example to explain the use as a family name is that of Eustace Fitzjohn lord of Knaresborough. born 1085

His father was John FitzNigel and his son was called Richard FitzEustace . So the fathers given name is passed down, with each generation making a different Surname.

Variations in spelling were common as no fixed written forms of surnames existed and regional variations, plus illiteracy, meant different phonetic examples of the name were passed down.

Fidgeon is a derivation of Fitzjohn in some places . Other records show Fidian Fidgiohn Fidyn; Fitchjohn Fitziohns Fygjohn FFitzJon etc....

King John of England (1167-1216) had many offspring of various surnames , from several wives and many mistresses .

They include Richard Fitzjohn, Baron of Chilham also known as Richard of Dover born in 1190 to his mistress Adela de Warenne (c1170-c1218). Another mistress Agatha Ferrers gave him a daughter called Catherine Fitzjohn but five of their children were called Fitzroy and one was simply called Joan of England. Andre Courcy gave him John Fitzjohn Courcy .

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