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John Flavel Fay - Deacon at Evangelical Church of Northborough, MA

Vital Statistics:Edit

Son of Nahum Fay and Lucy Warren (1762-1850)


Children of Flavel Fay and Charlotte Puffer (11):Edit

  1. Ruben Puffer Fay (1808-1832) -
  2. Hannah Perry Fay (1810-1811) - Died Infant
  3. Nahum Fay (1812-1812) - Died Infant
  4. Persis Eager Fay (b1813) - m. Amos Knight - 2 children
  5. Nahum Warren Fay (1815-1817) -
  6. Lucy Ann Fay (b1817) - m. Elisha Tower - 1 child
  7. Charlotte Puffer Fay (b1819) - m William Collins - 2 children
  8. Sarah Puffer Fay (b1822) - m Samuel P Andrews
  9. Mary Warren Fay (b1825) - m Merrill Stockwell
  10. Harriet Augusta Fay (1828-1895) - m Darius Newton - 2 children
  11. Rebecca Francis Fay (1830) -

Reference:Edit - See marriage listings in Berlin MA for Fay Family Children, Cousins, etc.

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