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Floris van Holland was born 1055 to Floris I van Holland (1030-1061) and Gertrud von Sachsen (1033-1113) and died circa 1103 of unspecified causes. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899). Ancestors are from Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom.
Floris was a canon.

Namesakes of Floris van Holland (c1055-c1103)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Floris van Holland (c1055-c1103) Floris I van Holland (1030-1061) Gertrud von Sachsen (1033-1113)
Floris I van Holland (1030-1061) Vlaardingen Neder-Hemert Dirk III van Holland (c983-1039) Othilde von Sachsen (c989-1044) Gertrud von Sachsen (1033-1113)
Floris II van Holland (1085-1122) Vlaardingen Egmond Dirk V van Holland (1054-1091) Othelhildis von Sachsen (1059-?) Geertruid Petronella van Lotharingen (c1092-1144)
Floris III van Holland (1140-1190) Antioch Dirk VI van Holland (1114-1157) Sophie von Salm (c1115-1176) Ada of Huntingdon (1139-1206)
Floris IV van Holland (1210-1234) The Hague, Netherlands Corbie, France Willem I van Holland (c1165-1223) Aleid van Gelre (1187-1218) Machteld van Brabant (c1200-1267)
Floris V van Holland (1254-1296) Leiden Muiderberg Willem II van Holland (1228-1256) Elizabeth von Braunschweig (c1235-1266) Beatrijs van Vlaanderen (c1253-1296)

Sources and notes

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