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Simple form Type or paste information about a person using this page. Familypedia's form will help you enter facts. You may return to the page later to correct or add information. Narrative text for the article may be added in the form, but is usually easier to add later as a normal edit. After publishing the form, you may use the "Edit" menu item to enter into the word processor so that you may add pictures and headings and format the text as you wish.

Type or paste the name of an existing or new article in the box below, preferably after you have read Help:Articles/start.

The examples below the box illustrate Familypedia's naming standards for person articles. For details and further explanation of how to name pages, please see Familypedia:Page names. If you make a mistake, you can rename the article (and its subpages) later using the "Edit" menu's "Rename" option, but it's awkward, so please try to name the page right first time. Names in the standard form are most easily linked and listed and found.

Type person article name (including birth and/or death year if possible) here:

Gladys Jean Edmonds (1911-1975) Typical article name; DO NOT use question-marks, slashes, en-dashes, double quote marks, or square or curly brackets anywhere. If the person is still alive, it may be best to replace the years in brackets with "(living)" so as to preserve privacy.
Bridget Scrope (c1546-) Names may omit middle name (though it is better if shown) and year of death. Do not use question-marks for unknowns. For "before", "circa", or "after", use bef, c, or aft with no space before the year.
Enrique I de Inglaterra (1068-1135) (.es) Non-English articles use language codes. Articles for people with wikipedia articles must use the name used for the article for that language followed by Familypedia's parenthetical date(s). See also Help:Copying from Wikipedia.
Иван Лемзин (1941) (.ru) Name should use characters corresponding to the page language if most of it is not in English.

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