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We have some labels in some tables that due to space cannot be fully elaborated, otherwise the table will look junky. An example is what is abstractly known as a primary subdivision of a sovereign country. Scotland is one of these, but so is Texas. Scotland and England are actually known as constituent countries of the United Kingdom, so it is a little annoying to them to abbreviate the label as "State" or "Province" on those rows. So I propose we just put quotes around the most common approximate term used in genealogies for the particular language and call it a day. People will feel differently about it, and this label may be changed differently depending on the collective tastes of the active contributors. The location of these strings is set for each language in the Template name/ language code page. EG for english, in Template:Showfacts person/en people can switch the coparent field from Spouse/"partner" to "Partner" or to "Spouse". Similarly in spanish, see Template:Showfacts person/es and use Socio or Cónyuge. When married status is indicated, these fields currently relabel themselves with the sex appropriate label "Wife" or "Husband".

For instance, Enrique I de Inglaterra (1068-1135) (.es) lists Matilda (Edith) of Scotland (c1080-1118) as Esposa (wife) because the married value was checked. Theoretically, I will be able to switch the "Subdivision1" field in a similar fashion to "Consituent country"/ "Canton"/ "Province" when we have more geographic semantics in the SMW database. The geography switching is a low priority now, so for the time being, the current values are abbreviated in an generalized / admittedly inaccurate way. Feel free to decide on different values and change these templates accordingly. I have personal preferences but I will go along with whatever is decided. -~ Phlox 18:28, 13 June 2009 (UTC)

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