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The new blog feature also came along with User page banner with a user picture. I'd like to display these as part of the article body, in the contributor section of the article. Clearly this won't look very good if folks choose comic book or other whimsical icons, So when choosing one of these pictures, I have a request that folks choose something that will work inside the body of a Familypedia article. Doesn't have to be a real picture of you (mine certainly isn't), but it would be nice if it had a family history/ genealogy feel- like a heraldry crest or the like.

By the way, the avatar files are 100x100 pixel .png format. In photoshop, crop, then use image size to bring height down to 100px. Then use canvas size setting width to 100px letting it crop as needed. -~ Phlox 19:04, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

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