Frances Honing
Sex: Female
Birth: 1583, Darsham, Suffolk
Death: 1613, burried Darsham, Suffolk
Father: Edward
Mother: Ursula Wingfield
Spouse/Partner: John Archdale
Marriage: 1601, Eye, Suffolk

Frances Honing was the fourth daughter of Edward Honing of Eye. Her mother Ursula was from the prominent Wingfield family of Suffolk. In 1601 she married John Archdale of Suffolk, and they had five children. Frances died in 1613, the year of birth of Barbara, so may have died in childbirth.

Her widower and the five children left Suffolk in 1614, as part of the Jacobean Plantation of Ulster. The Archdales were granted land in Fermanagh, on Lough Erne, and built Castle Archdale.


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