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Ive decided to stick with the name Frances Susannah Burchell. I can't find a birth certificate for her and there are confusions reigning over her name (see below). If a birth certificate ever surfaces I may change this.

On Marriage certificate: Frances is listed as Frances Susannah Burchell Wilde on 16 November 1861 at Orange. (On the death certificate for her husband Josiah he is listed as married to Frances Susannah Burchell Cowdrey). Josiah was a widower and Frances a spinster. "The consent of William Wilde the father of the bride was given to the marriage of F.S.B. Wilde with Josiah Jobson the {unreadable} F.S.B Wilde being under the age twenty one years. Graham M. Tof(?) Minister". Josiah was a labourer from Clever Farm near Orange. Josiah signed with his x mark and (just to confuse the name issues) the bride signed as Susannah Wilde in the presence of William Wilde and Mary Wilde who also left her x mark.

On death certificate: Frances died 21st April 1921 at Camden, N.S.W. She was 80 years. Frances died of a) Senility b) debility heart failure. This had lasted 12 months. The medical attendant was Francis W. West and he last saw her on the day she died. Her father is listed as Burchell with no other details and her mother was unknown. The informant was E.M. Bradley, friend, from Rossmore. Her death was registered on the 22nd of April and she was buried the day after she died at the Church of England {unreadable} General Cemetery Camden. The undertaker was Walter F. Peters. The minister was S. A. Turner, Church of England and the witnesses were S.E. Jenkins and P. Peters. Frances was listed as born in Sydney. Her place of marriage was Orange at 21 years to Josiah Jobson. Her children were Mary A. 58 and 1 male deceased.


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