Vital StatisticsEdit

  • Sex : Male
  • Born: Abt [[ | ]], 1823
  • Died:1894
  • Interment:






Miner at Junction Point...Abercrombie River NSW Australia (around the crossing of Abercrombie on road between Trunkey Creek and Tuena, Binda, Crookwell NSW.


Yewenyi 10:18, 12 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Mark Francis Campbell 2009


  1. Thomas R Hellwege Crookwell Settlers

Francis Campbell Edit

Born Edit

Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

Moved to Binda/Junction Point in NSW Australia (dates to be added)

To Australia on the Calcutta 1837 Edit

Age 15, Criminal transport ship.

Occupation in Australia Edit

Was a miner.

Married Edit

Married Ann Lamb in 1865 at Binda NSW Australia.

Children Edit

Had 3 Children - Isabella, Kesty and John.

Kesty died at age 11 or 12 at Markdale.

Isabella married Josiah Eldridge.

John married Eliza Godden.

Questions Edit

Not known where Francis is buried - he is not buried with his wife Ann. Possibly buried in unmarked grave at Markdale Cemetary, Crooked Corner NSW Australia.

Perhaps he died in a mining accident at Junction Point.

Not known why he came to Australia from Canada.

Many of his decendents are still in the areas of Binda Crookwell and Bathurst NSW Australia.

Possibly related to Jack Campbell. Jack lived on Mulgowrie paddock at Markdale called Big Campbells.

What was his crime. Did he come from Canada on the Calcutta?

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