Frank Grist Harrison (18 June 1838-1919)

Early LifeEdit

Frank Grist Harrison was born on 18 June 1838 in London. He was christened on 3 October 1838 at All Soul's, Saint Marylebone, London, His parents were Leonard and Eleanor Harrison. Leonard and Eleanor also had the following children: Alfred Harrison (1832-?), Arthur Henry Harrison (1834-?), Frederick Grist Harrison (1836-), Eliza Victoria Harrison (1840-1841) and Albert Lenonard Harrison (1842-?).

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Census ReturnsEdit

1881 Census 3 Romilly Rd, London, Middlesex

Frank G. Harrison, Head, Married, Male, 42, Marylebone, Stationers Assistant / Sarah Harrison, Wife, Married, Female, 35, Islington / Leonard Harrison, Son, Male, 14, St Pancras, Tea Dealers Assistant / Bretrice Harrison, Daur, Female, 13, Islington, Scholar / Alfred Harrison, Son, Male, 12, Islington / Harold Harrison, Son, Male, 7, Islington / Stanley Harrison, Son, Male, 5, Islington / Daisy Harrison, Daur, Female, 4, Islington / Muriel Harrison, Daur, Female, 2, Islington / Annie Pugh, Visitor, Widowed, Female, 29, Chatham, None / Leah Walton, Visitor, Female, 9, Islington

1911 Census Shoreditch

Frank Guist Harrison, 72 / Sarah Ann Harrison, 65 / Muriel Evelyn Harrison, 32 / Lawrence Reginald Harrison, 25 / Gladys Evagertrude Harrison, 22

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