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Ferrell 1926a

Frank J. Farrell (1886-1926) obituary

Frank J. Farrell (1886-1926) with William S. Devery were the first owners of the New York Highlanders (now New York Yankees) (b. 1886; New York City – d. February 10, 1926; Atlantic City, New Jersey)

They purchased the Baltimore Orioles on January 9, 1903 for $18,000 and move it to New York City. Farrell was involved in New York City gambling, and owned pool halls and a casino. On January 29, 1915 Farrell and Devery sold the team to Jacob Ruppert and Tillinghast L'Hommedieu Huston. He died in Atlantic City, New Jersey, of a heart attack, after recovering from a bout of bronchitis.

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