Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Frank Messerly (1849) and Clara Wilson (c1853)
George Messerly (c1871) c1871 ?can't find anything
Grace Messerly (c1876) c1876
Ellsworth Messerly (c1879) c1879 ?Can't find any trace

Points regarding the childrenEdit

  • Not this guy: There is a George A/ George L born 1873 married to Christina in Tuscarawas. His father as of 1880 is John Messerly of Tuscarawas.
  • Not this guy: There is a George A born 1875 married to Mary E living in Belmont in 1920. As of 1880. his father was charles of Monroe OH.
  • Elsworth- No record after 1880 Census.


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