Frank Roland Mills
Frank roland mills
Sex: Male
Birth: 7/1/1885 Goodwood, South Australia
Death: 20/10/1940 Dulwich, South Australia
Father: George Mills (1843-1910)
Mother: Caroline Berenice DeLaine (1843-1925)
Spouse/Partner: Cissy Cornelia Mills (1886-1961)
Marriage: 20/09/1906, Norwood, South Australia

Frank was born in Goodwood, South Australia, the youngest of his parents 9 children. His father was a blacksmith and coach builder. His siblings were George, Charles, Arthur, Percy, Archie, Lillian, Milton and Ada.

Frank spent most of his young life in the suburb of Norwood, where his parents had purchased a property on Clark Street. From a young age, he became a grocers assistant, and eventually became a grocer himself.

Out of WedlockEdit

In 1903, a girl named Cissy Cornelia Mills (1886-1961) (age 17 - no relation) had a daughter out of wedlock. The daughter was named Mahala. The birth of the child out of wedlock appears to have caused some scandal at the time and a 'Thomas Mills' was not recorded on her birth certificate as father, even though Cissy was not married to such a man and he cannot be located in any records at this point in time. It is likely that the information on the birth certificate was fabricated to make the birth appear more respectable. Cissy and Frank would eventually marry and Frank's name would appear on every other official record pertaining to Mahala's life after that time as her father, even though this may not be the case. Because Cissy always referred to Frank as her father, his family line has been traced in this famiy history, even though a direct connection is unlikely. The real identity of Mahala's father is unlikely ever to be known.


Frank and Cissy Cornelia Mills (1886-1961) eventually married on September 20th 1906. The marriage occurred at Frank's father's house at Clark Street in Norwood, and Frank gave his residence as Clark Street, Norwood. Witnesses to the marriage were A.H. Stone, a labourer from Hindmarsh, and Frank's brother Milton, a civil servant of Norwood. Cissy was four months pregnant with their second child at the time of the marriage.

Frank and Cissy would go on to have 10 children altogether, all born in the Norwood or Adelaide area. Interestingly, they would give all but one of their children two middle names, many of them reflecting family names. Family surnames used as middle names include Munson, DeLaine, and Morris. Names obtained from other relatives include Mahala, Roland, Howard, Herbert, Charles, Frank and Caroline.

Two sons died under the age of two - Hedley of Tubercular Meningitis and Charles of acute gastoenteritis. The deaths were also recorded in The Advertiser and The Chronicle newspapers. Both boys were buried in the West Terrace Cemetery.


The South Australian directories list Frank's residence at 19 Clark Street, Norwood between 1908 and 1913.

On the death certificate for Hedley in 1917, Frank's residence is recorded as Sydenham Road, Norwood.

On the death certificate for Charles in 1919, Frank's residence is recorded as Margaret Street, Norwood. Frank's occupation is also recorded as a purser. The residence at Margaret Street is supported by the South Australian directories, but it stills records his occuption as grocer.

Frank’s grocer’s store was on the Parade at Norwood. In 1923, he was working at Cairns St, Norwood, while his residence was at 19 Clark St Norwood (his mother lived at number 35 according to Hedley's funeral notice). He was still at Cairns Street until 1926, when he is recorded at the Parade.

In 1927, Frank is back at Margaret Street in Norwood and his occupation is recorded as labourer.

In 1929, he is a labourer at Cowper Road, Black Forest Estate and in 1930, he is a civil servant at Hastings Road, Colonel Light Gardens. By 1933 he has returned to being a grocer's assistant, but still at the Hastins Road address.

By 1937, Frank had moved to 28 Kitchener Street, Victoria Park.

Later YearsEdit

Frank died on 20th October 1940 of cerebral softening and arteriosclerosis. His residence at the time was 28 Kitchener Avenue, Dulwich. His death certificate incorrectly states that he had 4 male and 3 female children alive, when it was the opposite way around. He is buried in the West Terrace Cemetery.


Name Birth Death
Children of Frank and Cissy Mills

Mahala Mary Ann 10/12/1903
Southwark, South Australia
Loxton, South Australia

Arthur Roland George 21/02/1907
Norwood, South Australia
South Australia

Lancelot Alfred Munson 01/06/1909
Norwood, South Australia
Ascot Park, South Australia

Howard Herbert DeLaine 06/08/1911
Norwood, South Australia
Melbourne, Victoria

Hedley Frank Elton 25/1/1915
Norwood, South Australia
North Adelaide, South Australia

Charles Milton Morris 25/09/1918
Norwood, South Australia
Woodville, South Australia

Ruth Caroline Marcia 06/05/1923
Adelaide, South Australia
Streaky Bay, South Australia

Kevin Ronald Lester 28/11/1924
Adelaide, South Australia
Elizabeth, South Australia

Shirley June Winifred 03/06/1926
Adelaide, South Australia
Woodville, South Australia

Marjorie Millicent 04/05/1928
Adelaide, South Australia


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