Frederick F. Martin, the second child of Joseph Martin and the former Elise Mueller, was born in Belleville, Illinois on April 4, 1860.

By 1878, Fred and his immediate family had moved to 2407 DeKalb Street in St. Louis, with Fred and his father working as laborers. In 1880, Fred was a a storekeeper, and both he and his father worked for a time at a candle factory. On May 31, 1882 in St. Louis, Fred married Susan J. Rauser, who had been born in Missouri on August 25, 1857 to German immigrants. The couple had two children: Julia (1881) and Elda (1885). After 1882, Fred disappears from the St. Louis records for a time, so it is likely that the family temporarily moved back to Illinois, where Elda was born.

In the 1890s and the first decade of the 1900s, the family lived at 2320 Madison Street in St. Louis. Fred worked as a carriage trimmer and laborer. The family moved in about 1909 to 2109 Madison Street and in about 1911 to 4349 College Avenue.

In 1912, Fred tried his luck as a butcher. However, he died on November 25, 1912, of carbolic acid poisoning--an apparent suicide, according to his death certificate. He was buried in the same lot as his parents on November 27, at Sts. Peter & Paul Cemetery, 7030 Gravois Avenue, St. Louis.

After Fred's death, Susan and Elda, who remained single, continued to live together for years. They stayed at 4349 College Avenue until at least 1922, then moved in with Julia and her family at 2115A E. Fair Avenue.

Susan died of chronic myocarditis on January 5, 1943 at the home she shared with Julia and her husband, 4039 Fair Avenue. She was buried three days later at Valhalla Cemetery.

Family Edit


Susan Martin (Rauser) (1857-1943)


Julia Lippelmann (Martin) (1881-1961)
Elda Martin (1885-1958)


Joseph Martin (1829-1894)
Elise Martin (Mueller) (c.1828-1906)


Augusta Osterkamp (Martin) (1857-1923)


Harry W. Lippelmann (1906-1964)
Vernon Lippelmann (1911-1957)

Trivia Edit

Fred's wife, Susan, was the namesake for Sue McConnell (Osterkamp).

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