S. Cangelosi writes:

I ran across a Power of Attorney document that was my grandmother's. In it she is giving a Power of Attorney to Freda Maier-Westorgaard of Frankenberg, 9/12 Vienna IV, Austria to do business in her name. My grandparents sent Alfred a pension/money every month when he was older. I think that he felt indebted to them and gave them his property in Austria. The date of this document is January 18, 1954, which is before his passing. He may have had them on the property deed as someone to take over should he be unable to care for this property. I really am guessing at this point. In the document it mentions that "Freda is to take possession of any and all land, buildings, tenements or other structures or parts thereof comprising the premises located at Blaselgasse 320, Strasshof, A/O Nordbahn, Neider, Austria, that have been or, until this power of attorney is revoked, may be deeded, quitclaimed, sold or otherwise transferred to me, that, while belonging to me may become vacant or unoccupied, or to the possession whereof I may be entitled; and/or." I know that this is where Alfred lived. So maybe it should be Blaselgasse, Neider, Austria or Strasshof, Neider, Austria or Blaselgasse, Strasshof, Neider, Austria? Which of those combinations make better sense? Then the document continues to mention all the duties of a landlord. I remember my grandmother telling me that they ended up giving this land to Freda Maier. It was just too costly to try to be a responsible landowner in Austria while they lived here. Besides, Freda Maier was Alfred's skating partner for years. My brother Tony visited her in the seventies. He learned German just to do so. He really enjoyed this visit and got to know her neighbors. When Freda Maier passed away, a neighbor sent him her obituary. The note is written in German, so my brother translated it for my grandmother. Alland, June 13, 1977; Dear French Family, As Mrs. Maier's neighbor, I would like to notify you that she has died of old age last March. She died as alone and quietly as she lived. I am sending to you a last greeting from her along with a small picture as a remembrance. Although I don't know you, I wish you all the best, Betty Bernat. The obituary states that she died on the 16th of March, 1977. It is in German. Here it is, maybe you can translate it. In tiefer Trauer gebe ich Nachricht, dab Frau FRIEDA MAIER Mittwoch, den 16. Marz 1977, nach langerem, schwerem Leiden, im 89. Lebensjahre heimgegangen ist. Die lieb e Tote wird im Krematorium Wien-Simmering aufgebahrt und Freitag, den 25. Marz 1977, um 930 Uhr, nach feierlicher Einsegnung den Flammen ubergeben. 2534, Alland 11, im Marz 1977. Die tieftrauernden Hinterbliebenen. Wiener Verein, Lebens- und Bestattungsversicherung auf Gegenseitigkeit, 1030 Wien, Ungargasse 41, Tel. 72 16 36.