Frederic (Fritz) Storck (born in Bucharest on January 19, 1872, died in Bucharest on December 126, 1942)[1][2] was a romanian sculptor He was the son of sculptor Karl Storck (1826-1887) and brother of sculptor Carol Storck (1854-1926). He married painter Cecilia Cuțescu Storck (1879-1969). He is the father of painter Gabriela Storck and architect Cecilia Botez.

Frederic Storck studied at the National School of Fine Arts (now Bucharest National University of Arts)and thereafter in Munich. Upon his return he was appointed professor at the National School of Fine Arts. [3]

He created several statues for public places such as:

  • the Statue of Mihai Eminescu in the Central Parc of the city of [Galați]].

He also created alegoric sculptures such as "Truth" for the Palace of Justice (Bucharest) or "Industry" and "Agriculture" for the Administrative Palace in Galaţi.[5],

He is known for the busts of personalities such as:

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