Frederick Leonard Trump was born on April 18, 1924 to Leonard John Trump and Clara Wilhilmena Keopka. He married Lois Arlene Stelson in 1951, and they had four children. In 1977, he wrote Lincoln's Little Girl, the biography of Grace Bedell, the little girl who, in 1860, wrote a letter to presidential candidate suggesting he grow a beard. According to the dust jacket of the 1993 edition, "Frederick L. Trump was a native of Westfield, New York, the town where Grace Bedell lived when she wrote her letter to then-presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln and where they eventually met. Mr. Trump was an editor at Michigan Farmer Magazine for seventeen years and was a state information officer for the Soil and water Conservation Service in Kansas for almost twenty years. His previous books, Buyer Beware!, Uphill into the Sun, and The Grange in Michigan, as well as this one reflect his love of history and research, which continued until his death in 1987." Uphill Into the Sun is the biography of his wife, Lois's great-grandmother, Sarah Donnelly Woolley, and her experience as a pioneer woman in Kansas. According to the back of the dust jacket of that book, published in 1973, "Fred L. Trump, after three years' service in the Army Air Force, earned a B.S. dgree at Cornell University, where he majored in agricultural journalism. For the following seventeen years he was assistant editor of Michigan Farmer magazine. Since early 1967 he has been information specialist for Kansas in the Soil Conservation Service, U.S Deportment of Agriculture. He has written several hundred articles and is the author of two books: Buyer Beware! and The Grange in Michigan. He and his family are living in Salina, Kansas." In 1986, he was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, and passed away in June of 1987.


Offspring of Frederick Leonard Trump and Lois Arlene Stelson (1931-2003)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Christine Anne Trump
Eric Laurence Trump (1955) 7 December 1955 Lansing, Michigan, United States Teresa Ann Little (1960)

Timothy Terah Trump
Sara Louise Trump


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