Friedrich II Staufen von Schwaben was born 1090 to Friedrich I. von Schwaben (c1050-1105) and Agnes of the Holy Roman Empire (c1072-1143) and died 6 April 1147 in Alzey of unspecified causes. He married Judith von Bayern (c1103-1131) circa 1121 JL . He married Agnes von Saarbrücken (1115-aft1147) circa 1132 JL . Notable ancestors include Alfred the Great (849-899), Charlemagne (747-814). Ancestors are from the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy.

Frederick the One-Eyed was the second Hohenstaufen duke of Swabia. He succeeded his father in 1105. His wife Judith was a member of the powerful House of Guelph. On the death of Emperor Henry V, his uncle, Frederick stood for election as King of the Romans with the support of his younger brother Conrad, duke of Franconia and several houses. However, he lost this election of 1125 to Lothar III, crowned Emperor later in 1133.

A conflict erupted between Frederick and his supporters, and Lothar. Encouraged by Albert, Archbishop of Mainz, who loathed the supporters of the late Emperor Henry V, Lothar besieged Nuremberg in 1127. Frederick relieved the siege of Nuremberg in 1127 and occupied Speyer in 1128. The attempt of Henry the Proud, duke of Bavaria, to capture Frederick during negotiations failed (1129). However, afterwards supporters of Lothar won a number of victories both in Germany and in Italy. Speyer (1129), Nuremberg (1130) and Ulm (1134) were captured and in October 1134 Frederick submitted to the emperor. In 1135 both Frederick and Conrad were finally reconciled with Lothar. After Lothar's death (1137) and election of Conrad as King of the Romans (1138) Frederick supported his brother in the struggle with Guelphs. According to Otto of Freising, Frederick was "so faithful a knight to his sovereign and so helpful a friend to his uncle that by valor he supported the tottering honor of the realm, fighting manfully against its foes..."

Frederick's second wife, Agnes, was the niece of his old enemy Albert of Mainz.


Offspring of Friedrich II von Schwaben and Judith von Bayern (c1103-1131)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Friedrich I Barbarossa of the Holy Roman Empire (1122-1190) 1122 Ravensburg 10 June 1190 Seleucia Adela von Vohburg (1128-1187)
Béatrice I de Bourgogne (1145-1184)

Bertha von Schwaben (c1124-c1194) 1124 1194 Mathieu I de Lorraine (c1119-1176)

Offspring of Friedrich II von Schwaben and Agnes von Saarbrücken (1115-aft1147)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jutta von Schwaben (1133-1191) 1133 7 July 1191 Ludwig II. von Thüringen (1128-1172)

Konrad der Staufer (1136-1195) 1136 November 1195 ? von Sponheim (?-c1159)
Irmgard von Henneberg (c1146-1197)

Liutgard von Schwaben (?-aft1155)

Namesakes of Friedrich II von Schwaben (1090-1147)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Friedrich II von Schwaben (1090-1147)AlzeyFriedrich I. von Schwaben (c1050-1105)Agnes of the Holy Roman Empire (c1072-1143)Judith von Bayern (c1103-1131) + Agnes von Saarbrücken (1115-aft1147)
Friedrich I Barbarossa of the Holy Roman Empire (1122-1190)RavensburgSeleuciaFriedrich II von Schwaben (1090-1147)Judith von Bayern (c1103-1131)Adela von Vohburg (1128-1187) + Béatrice I de Bourgogne (1145-1184)
Friedrich II of the Holy Roman Empire (1195-1250)JesiLuceraHeinrich VI of the Holy Roman Empire (1165-1197)Constance of Sicily (1154-1198)
Friedrich I. von Schwaben (c1050-1105)Friedrich von Büren (c1020-aft1053)Hildegard von Egisheim (c1024-c1094)Agnes of the Holy Roman Empire (c1072-1143)

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