Fuller Earle Callaway (July 15, 1870 - February 12, 1928), a native of La Grange, Troup County, Georgia, was a merchant, textile manufacturer and philanthropist. Son of Rev. Abner Reeves Callaway (1832-1893) and Sarah Jane Howard (1835-1878), he began his business career at the age of eight and at the age of eighteen opened "Callaway's Famous Five and Ten Cent Store," which grew into the first department store in West Georgia as, "Callaway's Famous Mammoth Department Store." His largest achievement, however, came in textile manufacturing where upon he owned nine textile mills, commonly known as Callaway Mills, in and around La Grange. His business interests grew to include warehousing, insurance, grocery, and banking concerns.

He married in Jewell, Taliaferro County, Georgia on April 16, 1891 Ida Jane Cason (1872-1936), daughter of Alexander Toombs Cason (1845-1918) and Olivia Pratt Jewell (1849-1921). Originally buried at Hillview Cemetery, Troup County, Georgia, he was re-interred in the Callaway Family Cemetery, Troup County, Georgia on the grounds of Hills and Dales estate in La Grange. They were the parents of two sons: Cason Jewell Callaway (1894-1961), a co-founder of Callaway Gardens in Harris County, Georgia, and Fuller Earle Callaway, Jr. (1907-1992), a co-founder of the Hills and Dales estate in La Grange.


Four Generation Pedigree
Fuller Earle Callaway Rev. Abner Reeves Callaway (1832-1893) Rev. Enoch Callaway (1792-1859) John Callaway (1746-1821)
Bethany Arnold (1749-1844)
Martha Reeves (1796-1879) Abner Reeves (c1761-1809)
Sarah Wright (c1773-1858)
Sarah Jane Howard (1835-1878) Robert Groves Howard (1798-1855 Abel Howard (1769-1808)
Mary Glenn (c1772-?)
Mary Brooks Glenn (1810-1840 John Glenn, Jr. (c1770-1828)
Mary Brooks (1775-1859)