Michael of Hungary (aft960-c978)
Vazul (bef997-1037)
Béla I of Hungary (c1016-1063)
Géza I of Hungary (1044-1077)
Bolesław I Chrobry of Poland (967-1025)
Mieszko II Lambert of Poland (c990-1034)
Emnilda of Lusatia (c972-1017)
Richeza of Poland (1013-1075)
Herman I von Bonngau, Eifelgau und Mieblgau (c929-959)
Ezzo von Lorraine (c955-1034)
Heilwig von Dillingen (?-?)
Richeza von Lothringen (c994-1063)
Otto II von Sachsen (955-983)
Mathilde von Sachsen (979-1025)
Theophanu Skleros (960-991)

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