Gaius Julius Ceasar was born 13 July 100 in Rome, Roman Republic to Gaius Julius Caesar (135 BC-85 BC) and Aurelia Cotta (120 BC-54 BC) and died 15 March 44 in Rome, Roman Republic of unspecified causes. He married Cornelia (c97 BC–69 BC) 84 JL . He married Pompeia (-) 67 JL . He married Calpurnia (75 BC-) 59 JL .


Offspring of Julius Caesar and Cornelia (c97 BC–69 BC)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Julia (c76 BC–54 BC)

Offspring of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra VII Philopator (69 BC-30 BC)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Caesarion (47 BC–30 BC)

Gaius Julius Caesar



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ar (100 BC-44 BC)Edit

2. Gaius Julius Caesar (c140 BC-85 BC)
3. Aurelia Cotta (120 BC-54 BC)
4. Gaius Julius Caesar (401-300)
5. Marcia
6. Rutilia Cotta
7. Lucius Aurelius
Great grandparents
8. Gaius Julius Caesar (550-400)
10. Quintus Marcius Rex (650-500)
2nd Great grandparents
16. Sextus Julius Caesar (750-600)
3rd Great grandparents
32. Lucius Julius Caesar (800-700)
4th Great grandparents
64. Numerius Julius Caesar (900-800)


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