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Order of Charlemagne: 10

Similarity to Charlemagne: 0.003925

Generational discrepancy: 2.0096

→ (Galéran III de Meulan (?-1068), 1)

→ (Hugues III de Meulan (c1015-1081), 2)

→ (Adeline de Meulan (c1016-1081), 2)→→ (Henry of Warwick (c1036-1119), 3)→→ (Roger of Warwick (1102-1153), 4)→→ (William of Warwick (bef1140-1184), 5)→→ (Waleran of Warwick (1153-1204), 5)→→ (Alberée de Beaumont (c1045-1112), 3)→→ (Robert de Beaumont (1049-1118), 3)→→ (Isabel de Beaumont (c1102-c1172), 4)→→ (Henry of Warwick (1192-1229), 6)→→→→ (Alice de Beaumont (c1200-bef1263), 6)→→→ (Waleran de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Worcester (1104-1166), 4)→→ (Maud de Beaumont (-1189), 5)→→ (Isabelle de Meulan (1147-1206), 5)→→ (Havoise de Craon (1175-1251), 6)→→→→ (Amaury I de Craon (c1173-1226), 6)→→→→ (Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester (1104-1168), 4)→→ (Hawise de Beaumont (c1125-c1172), 5)→→ (Robert of Gloucester (1151-1166), 6)→→ (Mabel of Gloucester (c1155-1198), 6)→→ (Isabel of Gloucester (c1173-1217), 6)→→ (Robert de Neufbourg (1100-1159), 4)→→ (Amaury I de Meulan (c1150-c1196), 5)→→ (Amaury II de Meulan (c1180-c1260), 6)→→ (Henry Beaumont (c1255-1339), 5)→→ (Isabella de Beaumont (c1320-1361), 6)→→→→ (Henri II de Neufbourg (1130-1214), 5)→→ (Juhel III de Mayenne (1166-1220), 6)→→ (Robert II de Neufbourg (c1170-c1217), 6)→→→→→→ (Marie de Meulan (c1160-c1207), 5)→→ (Elisabeth de Talbot (c1180-c1227), 6)→→ (Alix de Meulan (c1190-c1237), 6)→→→


Galéran III de Meulan (?-1068)/sensorGaléran III de Meulan (?-1068)/tree

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