Four or more generations of descendants of Garcia II of Pamplona (?-c1002) if they are properly linked:
1. Garcia II of Pamplona (?-c1002)

2. Sancho III of Navarre (?-1035)
3. García III of Navarre (1016-1054)
4. Sancho IV of Navarre (c1039-1076)
5. Garcia of Navarra (c1069-c1092) (more)
5. García of Navarre (c1070-aft1092) (more)
5. Ramón of Esquiroz (c1071-1110) (more)
5. Urraca of Navarre (c1070-1072) (more)
4. Ramiro of Navarre (c1041-1083)
4. Ferdinand of Navarre (c1043-1068)
4. Raymond of Navarre (c1045-1079)
4. Ermesinda of Navarre (c1047-1110)
4. Mayor of Navarre (c1049-1115)
5. Guy de Macon (?-aft1078) (more)
5. Pons de Macon (?-aft1078) (more)
5. Fille I de Macon (?-aft1078) (more)
5. Fille II de Macon (?-aft1078) (more)
4. Urraca of Navarre (c1051-1108)
5. Alvaro de Nájera (?-aft1089) (more)
5. Elvira de Nájera (?-?) (more)
5. Fernando de Nájera (?-?) (more)
5. Mayor de Nájera (?-?) (more)
4. Jimena of Navarre (c1053-1085)
4. Sancha of Navarre (c1055-c1065)
4. Sancho of Navarre (c1033-aft1074)
5. Ramiro of Monzón (1070-1116) (more)
4. Mencia of Navarre (c1025-1073)
5. Aznar Fortunez (c1040-aft1057) (more)
5. Inigo Fortunez (c1040-aft1057) (more)
5. Sancho Fortunez (c1040-aft1057) (more)
5. Lope Fortunez (c1040-aft1057) (more)
5. Jimeno Fortunez (c1040-aft1064) (more)
3. Ferdinand of León and Castile (1016-1065)
4. Urraca of Zamora (?-?)
4. Sancho II of León and Castile (c1045-1067)
4. Elvira of Toro (?-?)
4. Alfonso VI of León and Castile (1040-1109)
5. Elvira of León (bef1082-1151) (more)
5. Teresa of León (1080-1130) (more)
5. Urraca of León and Castile (1079-1126) (more)
5. Sancho Alfónsez (c1093-1108) (more)
5. Elvira of León (c1100-1135) (more)
5. Sancha of León (c1102-aft1125) (more)
4. García II of Galicia and Portugal (c1045-c1095)
3. Gonzalo of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza (c1020-1043)
3. Bernardo of Navarre (c1018-aft1024)
3. Ramiro of Navarre (c1018-aft1020)
3. Jimena of Navarre (c1020-c1067)
4. Alfonso de León (1030-1030)
3. Mayor of Navarre (c1015-1044)
4. Pons de Toulouse (c1030-1063)
3. Ramiro I of Aragon (bef1007-1063)
4. Sancho of Aragon (bef1036-aft1117)
5. Pedro Sanchez (more)
5. Garcia Sanchez (more)
5. Talesa Sanchez (c1070-aft1155) (more)
5. Beatriz Sanchez (more)
4. Theresa of Aragon (1037-c1060)
4. Sancha of Aragon (c1039-c1086)
5. Sancha of Urgell (c1066-c1113) (more)
4. Urraca of Aragon (c1041-c1086)
4. Sancho I of Aragon (c1042-1094)
5. Peter I of Aragon and Navarre (c1068-1104) (more)
5. Alfonso I of Aragon and Navarre (c1073-1134) (more)
5. Ramiro II of Aragon (c1075-1157) (more)
4. García of Aragon (aft1042-1086)
2. Urraca of Pamplona (?-?)
3. Bernard Guillaume de Gascogne (?-?)
3. Sanche Guillaume de Gascogne (?-1032)
3. Brisque de Gascogne (?-bef1016)
4. Odo of Gascony (c1010-1039)
4. Adalais of Aquitaine (?-?)
5. Galdis de Corneilhas (c1010-1075) (more)
5. Bernard II de Gascogne (c1020-c1077) (more)
5. Adelaide of Armagnac (c1015-c1062) (more)
5. Jeanne d'Armagnac (c1015-c1062) (more)
4. Theobald of Aquitaine (?-?)
3. Garsende de Gascogne (c977-)
3. Jimena de León (c1023-c1042)

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