Gaston Paul Tardif
Sex: Male
Birth: December 26, 1932
Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada
Father: Lucien Tardif (1900-1991)
Mother: Marie Flore Trudel (1905-1992)
Spouse/Partner: Corinne Agnes Hayes (1938)
Marriage: June 3, 1961
Willowdale, ON, Canada

Gaston was born on December 26, 1932 in Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada and was the sixth of nine children of Lucien and Flo Tardif. He married Corinne Hayes on June 3rd, 1961 in Willowdale, ON, Canada and they had four children.


Name Birth Death
Children of Gaston and Corinne Tardif

Elizabeth Ann Tardif (1963) August 31, 1963
Toronto, ON, Canada

Christopher Michael Tardif (1964) December 2, 1964
Toronto, ON, Canada

Paul Gaston Tardif (1967-2000) May 22, 1967
Toronto, ON, Canada
June 26, 2000
Markham, ON, Canada

Mark Patrick Tardif (1971) April 2, 1971
Toronto, ON, Canada